Sandblasting and epoxy coating

Sandblasting/Epoxy Coating

We use high-pressure sand to blast paint or rust off metal and concrete surfaces and recoat with epoxy.

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Concrete Grinding

Concrete Floor Prep/Grinding

We have industrial concrete grinding machines with planetary diamond cutting heads that remove paint, glue,thin-set, etc from any concrete surfaces while also etching the surface for a proper bond for the coating application.

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Shot blasting

Shot Blasting

Made for concrete prep but uses a self-recovery system similar to sandblasting bur recycles the media and reuses it which will also leave a more aggressive profile to the concrete for different coating applications.

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Epoxy floor coatings

Epoxy Floor Coatings

We use durable self-leveling 100% solid epoxy for interior/exterior, residential and commercial concrete floor applications.

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